Friday, July 05, 2024

Fascinating Fascia

Horses Inside Out has released details of a series of courses coming up in September,
presented by Gillian Higgins.


Discover More About Fascinating Fascia! (1st September – Online)


Healthy fascia is vital for a healthy horse. Understanding the fascial system is crucial for riders, trainers, and equine therapists. Fascia impacts posture, movement, force transmission, proprioception, reflexes, energy, sensation, and potentially the horse’s emotions. Proper hydration of fascia is essential for its function and the overall musculoskeletal health of the horse.


This seminar is open to anyone interested in learning more about fascia for the benefit of their horse.


Developing Palpation (5th & 6th September)


A practical 2-day course designed to improve palpation skills and techniques. Participants will revise anatomy knowledge, learn new techniques, and practice on various horses to refine their skills.


Fascia Release Techniques (9th & 10th September)


This course delves into the anatomy of different types of fascia, their connections, functions, dysfunctions, and maintenance. Participants will learn and practice various palpation and fascia release techniques over two days.


Joint Mobilisations (12th & 13th September)


Learn to assess subtle changes and recognize abnormalities in soft tissues and joints. The course covers musculoskeletal testing and appropriate mobilisation techniques.


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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Ontario riding schools sought for research study

 Do you run a riding school within three hours of Guelph, Ontario? If so, you may be able to play
a part in a forthcoming study at the University of Guelph aimed at identifying strategies to help riding school horses thrive.

The researchers, led by Dr Katrina Merkies in the. Department of Animal Biosciences, are seeking 23 hunter/jumper lesson establishments, each with a minimum of four horses, to volunteer their facilities for data collection in the study. 

They assure that the study will have no impact on the day-to-day running of the school. Participants will receive a $100 honorarium.


If interested, please contact the research team for more details on how to participate.


Contact or for more information or 

register online