Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changes to UK horse passport rules

The UK's horse passport rules have been tightened up from the begining of July 2009. The horse's owner or keeper is responsible for making sure that each horse has a passport, and that it is available for inspection at all times. You don't need to have the passport with you when the horse is grazing or being moved on foot - but you do have to show it to an inspector within three hours of being asked.

With very few exceptions, all horses have to have a passport. Both the owner, and the main keeper, is responsible for making sure the horse is correctly identified - but only the owner can apply for the passport.

The big change is that to be issued with a passport now horses must be microchipped. As a consequence, the diagram (silhouette) of the horse is no longer compulsory. However, many breed societies and passport issuing authorities still require a silhouette at this time.

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