Saturday, September 19, 2009

Iris scanning to identify horses.

Tattoos, brands, passport pictures and microchips may all become obsolete if a project to develop a portable iris scanner for horses is successful.

In the future, it could be that all a horse has to do to have its identity confirmed would be to glance at an iris scanner. The technology is already up and runnning for use in people. Airports throughout the world have started using iris cameras for passenger screening and immigration control as an alternative to checking passports.

The iris has a delicate pattern and, like a fingerprint, each one is unique. No two individuals have the same iris patterns - not even identical twins.

The Sarnoff Corporation has been commissioned to develop the first portable equine iris capture and identification system to help identify and track horses.

Mark Clifton, Sarnoff Corporation’s Vice President for Products and Services, said that the system would allow users to identify horses quickly and accurately, and without undue stress on the animal.


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