Thursday, June 27, 2019

Concussion and mental health in equestrian sports survey

The world of sport is becoming more aware of concussion and mental health problems, but there has been little research specifically related to equestrian sports. This is despite them accounting for a high proportion of sports-related head injuries.

Annika McGivern, an eventer and Equestrian Canada coach from Victoria, British Columbia, is conducting a survey on the topic as part of her studies for an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Her aim is to assess mental health levels in equestrian athletes to develop awareness around the mental health challenges and strengths this group of athletes experience. 

She hopes that the findings of the study may assist with the development of mental health programs that could be designed specifically for equestrian athletes, as well as reducing stigmas associated with mental health that may exist in the equestrian sporting world.

The anonymous survey, which only takes a few minutes to complete, is available online now:

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