Monday, September 27, 2010

Virtual equine treadmill tour

Have you ever wondered what goes on in an equine exercise physiology laboratory? Well, now you can see behind the scenes thanks to the Rutgers Equine Science Center, which has launched a virtual tour of the Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory.

A photographic storyboard takes visitors through the laboratory, showing the processes involved in completing a graded exercise test and a simulated race test, the two types of equine exercise tests conducted at the treadmill lab.

The virtual tour is presented in three sections: Preparing for an Exercise Test; Performing an Exercise Test; and Exercise Test Data Analysis. Each section contains pictures and descriptions of the various stages of the test.

The equine exercise physiology laboratory is an extremely popular research site on the G.H. Cook Campus of Rutgers University primarily because of the treadmill. By creating the online virtual tour of the lab, visitors to the Equine Science Center website get an inside look at how and why equine scientists use a treadmill, and a complete overview of the entire process.

"We had to turn people away at the laboratory door on Rutgers Day earlier this year; people were standing in line for a half hour to witness our research mare on the treadmill,” said Karyn Malinowski, director of the Equine Science Center. “The treadmill always draws a big crowd as people are eager and excited to see such a majestic and powerful animal galloping full-speed. It is an exhilarating sight.”

According to Malinowski, the virtual tour of the treadmill laboratory, as well as a video demonstration of a horse exercising, offers equine enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about the science and research of the Equine Science Center as well as the thrilling experience of witnessing a horse on a treadmill. Best of all, the tour is available at anytime from the comfort of one’s home.

"At the Equine Science Center, we firmly believe in broadening our horizons as we bring better horse care through research and education,” added Malinowski. “The virtual tour of the exercise physiology laboratory provides another modality to enable us to reach the equine community.”

The virtual tour is accessible through the Rutgers Equine Science Center’s website on the Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory page.

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