Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Researchers in Canada have launched an interactive map designed to track infectious diseases in dogs, cats, and horses around the world.

The "Worms and Germs Map" can be accessed online, and is free to use. It is a companion to the educational site WormsAndGermsBlog. Both were developed by Scott Weese DVM DVSc DipACVIM of the University of Guelph and Maureen Anderson DVM DVSc PhD DipACVIM from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Dr Weese explains: "This disease mapping site was developed because we perceived a need for real time tracking of companion animal infectious diseases and a need to foster more knowledge about infectious diseases amongst vets, animal owners and people in human medicine and public health.  It may also help track emerging diseases, diseases that have a changing range and allow for more rapid identification of outbreaks."

For more information, and to see what has been reported in your area, go to www.wormsandgermsmap.com 

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