Saturday, October 26, 2019

Evaluating English saddle fitting

© Nicole Ciscato | Dreamstime.comPoorly fitted saddles can adversely affect welfare and impair performance of ridden horses. The Saddle Research Trust Research Workshop, held in December 2018, identified a need for improved education of saddle fit evaluation among professional equine practitioners.

An educational article was subsequently commissioned by the editor of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Equine Veterinary Education, that would simplify the complex subject of saddle fitting evaluation.

The article aims to provide practical guidance to equine veterinarians to assist in their decision-making process whilst carrying out routine assessments when a horse is evaluated ridden, such as for pre-purchase, lameness or poor performance examinations. It also clarifies when a saddle may be contributing to pain and performance problems and when the veterinarian should refer the client to a saddle-fitting professional.

“Evaluating the suitability of an English saddle for a horse and rider combination”, a collaboration between Anne Bondi, Sue Dyson, Sue Norton and Lawrence Pearman, is a comprehensive mini manual aimed at vets and physiotherapists and which will be equally of interest to other professional equine practitioners.

Thanks to the generosity of the publishers, the article is free to view. Go to:

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